Freedom Kitchen
Freedom Kitchen
Lisa Jendza

A community for health advocates and food entrepreneurs.

Join us if food is important to you and you are seeking products, services or income opportunities.

The Purpose of Freedom Kitchen


Who Should Join

Created with health coaches and food entrepreneurs in mind to come together to foster business growth and opportunities that create a movement for health and happiness!  

We invite anyone who wants to contribute to the increase of, and accessibility to, healthier foods.  Our food supply has become monopolized and, unfortunately, profit has been the guiding principle, over health. 

This community will be the advocates and ambassadors for many healthy food products and by "pooling" the resources we can provide micro-loans to food entrepreneurs creating freedom for all of us from the monopoly on food production that exists today.

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Why Join Now

Freedom Kitchen is part of a food ministry that will contribute to sourcing raw materials, developing new and healthy food companies, increasing education through health coaches and offering funding to help our members scale their operations. 

The time is now to create something new for the future.  Our health has been chipped away as the quality of the food has decreased. This community of passionate health-conscious individuals can change that.  

"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver." Mahatma Gandhi

Freedom Kitchen Kids

The original Freedom Kitchen is located in Oxford, Michigan, where Lisa's passion for food and health was given a much a bigger motive: our kids.  

This community is dedicated to and devoted to healthier options for all of our kids.  We owe it to them to provide healthier options .... their life depends on it.

The kid's cooking programs can be found at

Special Thanks

It is my belief that we are here to serve and that it is the highest form of joy when we can serve another. I have devoted the second half of my life to serving, in many capacities, but I am grateful for so many that have served me.  Kathy Dickens and the 4 County Community Foundation, Lisa Sullivan at Oxford Virtual Academy, and Teri Stiles at Oxford Community TV all blessed me with funding and support for my kid's cooking classes.  The kids and  families that brought joy to my life and showed me that this Freedom Kitchen has a much greater purpose than myself... this is for them. Special thanks to my friends who have gifted me seed money and to my husband who has contributed to this ministry by his undying devotion and support.

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