Cooking Class

This cooking class addresses the biggest questions about detoxification.

  • How do we detox?
  • What does that mean?
  • When should we detox?
  • Can I detox at home?

The recipes and lessons will inspire new healthy habits.

If you're looking for a fresh start to a New Year...

Then this class will be the inspiration you need.

I've been there...



"What does healthy even look like?"

"I think I'm eating healthy."

My first coach told me to "Make my mess, my message" .... my diet was a mess and it has become my message. If my struggles can benefit others then it would be my pleasure to help.


from Processed Food

  • The first step in detoxification is to remove all processed foods. For years I taught detoxification methods, but truthfully, we must start in the kitchen.
  • With all the adulteration to our food, we must become vigilant to bioengineered, genetically modified, and flavor enhanced prepared foods.
  • In this class we will make recipes that make the teachings more relevant.
  • We will discuss how to aid the body with detoxification, both with food and other methods.
  • Being in the kitchen with a like-minded community will feed your body and soul providing you with inspiration and support!

Let's cook and set an intention to detox. I'll help.


$30 USD

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Cooking is the most effective way to learn lessons about health and well-being. These classes are packed full of valuable information for your health and happiness.

"Sooooo happy I've learned I don't have to deprive myself from YUMMY goodies just to be healthy!!!!

Thank you, Lisa!!!!."

~ Jackie R.

"What does healthy look like?"

"I think I'm eating healthy."

"Why am I so confused about food?"

Owning a Wellness Spa, managing a healthy Cafe, and Meal Prep Business, and founding a Cooking School, I have experience working with a lot of people, so I have heard it all.

Having my own health struggles and food challenges, my mission is to set more people free!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the virtual class include?

The virtual cooking classes are videotaped with a accompanying recipes. These videos are professionally recorded with clear instructions making it easy to cook along at home.

How do I access the virtual classes?

You will be emailed a link to access your classes.

Satisfaction guaranteed!

Due to the instant access and digital nature of this product, please contact me within 2 hours if this is not what you expected.

Concierge Cooking Classes

After teaching for almost 2 decades, I now bring the classes to you. Now that is concierge service!


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